Lesson 2: Get Glowing
with Clarify Cleanser

7 Day Glow's CLARIFY BHA Hydrating Cleanser is so much more than just a "Cleanser" - it's a Make-up Remover, Cleanser, and Moisturizer all rolled into one soothing massage.

In this Lesson we are going to dive deep into cleansing and why it’s the foundation of your 7 Day Glow. We'll also discuss CLARIFY's amazing ingredients and give you all the detail on how to properly apply CLARIFY.

When you finish the lesson be sure to download the attached "Bonus" content. This pdf includes a chart demonstrating how to give yourself a fabulous self facial massage that will turn your 7 Day Glow daily regimen into a daily in-home spa experience.

Let's get Glowing!

Alyssa Van Doorn
7 Day Glow | Founder & Formulator

Next Steps:
  1. Download the attached PDF: Facial Massage. Give yourself a soothing facial massage following the diagram in the download.
  2. Go to the next lesson.
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Facial Self-Massage

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