I have a 7 Day Glow.

My Glow starts with the powerful energy inside me. I take responsibility for my Glow, bright or dim. I am not a victim of my circumstances. I do not make excuses. I know that I create more energy to fuel my Glow by taking action instead of making excuses for why I can’t Glow.

I know that I Glow most brightly when I am true to myself. I can have it all and do it all without compromise. The more I do, the more I Glow.

I do not feel guilty over my self care because I know the more I Glow, the more I can give to those I love. And I know the more I Glow, the longer I will be here to give to those I love.

My Glow comes not from talk, but from action. I know that if I want to Glow I have to work at it and invest in it.

My Glow is unique. I understand that what makes me Glow may not be the same as what makes other people Glow.

My Glow is not dependent on other people’s expectations, type-casting, or other people’s opinions. I do not measure my Glow against others. And I do not listen to the negativity of those around me who are intimidated by my Glow.

My Glow is about what I want. I am focused on why I CAN Glow, not why I can’t.

I am in control of my Glow. I am in control of my self care, my health, my situation, my body, my thoughts, and my life.

7 Day Glow is a state of mind that I choose to step into. By choosing to live in a Glowing state I am putting aside all my guilt over making myself a priority, all my doubts, all my fears, all of my excuses.

I Glow. 7 Days A Week.
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