Winter to Spring - Transitioning Your Skin Care





Spring is finally here. Winter has left and taken with it the dreary Winter doldrums, and dry, itchy skin.

We spent Winter layering on moisturizers, serums, creams, and oils. Spring's warmer temperatures and increased humidity mean our skin is in for a shock.

Now is the time to prep skin for Spring and the warmer Summer months to follow. Below are some tips for achieving your best, glowing Spring skin.

1. Swap out heavy creams for lighter moisturizers or Serums.

If you feel like moisturizer is too much, try adding a serum instead. Or consider giving HYDRATE Botanic Elixir liquid moisturizing mist a try in place of creams and oils. This mist is made with 4 types Hyaluronic Acid that will draw and hold moisture to cells.




To lighten your face oil, apply face oil to damp skin right after washing or after spritzing with Botanic Elixir. You'll use less oil but still get the benefits from face oil.

Another great option for those who need less moisturizer is ILLUMINATE Brightening Serum. This serum brightens your complexion while also feeding skin thanks to our farm-made beauty complex. It also strengthens the skin mantle and uses probiotics to balance the skin micro-biome. ILLUMINATE also is made with 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid to give your skin a super moisturizing boost. 

ILLUMINATE Brightening Serum

2. Add a minimum of 50 SPF sunscreen. The sun's rays are stronger at this time of year, requiring more protection for skin that has been indoors for the last several months. Select a quality sunscreen, separate from your moisturizer and lotion, with an SPF of at least 50. 

3. Exfoliate. I cannot stress enough the importance of exfoliation for getting that healthy Spring Glow. 

We need to exfoliate when our skin is extra dry. The turning point between Winter and Spring is the perfect time to increase your exfoliation.

Use 7 Day Glow BOOST oil based exfoliator to get down deep and refine your Glow. BOOST can be used in a variety of ways - we have a great online video tutorial with purchase, making it easy to use.

TIP: When we begin to see results its natural to want to add more! Refrain from this with exfoliators. Seeing results means you've removed the upper layers of build up on your skin. Be careful not to remove or damage healthy skin by going overboard. When you see your Glow, back down to one exfoliator a week - it's much easier to increase as needed than fix damage from over-use.

BOOST Resurfacing Treatment

4. Spring Clean your products. So often we hear from customers who want to know how long our products are "good for". While our products will stay healthy to use for up to 1 year from purchase we do not recommend using them that long.

Once you've opened a product and begun using it other elements come into play that can contaminate your skin care products - touch, water, temperatures. It all plays a part in the longevity of your products. Old used products can host a build-up of bacteria, leading to clogged pores and dull skin.

Use your opened skincare products within 6 months. Replace for fresh products every six months. If you are buying bulk note the open date with a pen on the product label so you will know when to swap out. 

7 Day Glow products are packaged with the intent they will be used up in 4 to 6 weeks with regular use. In other words, you should expect to reorder every other month. We package in this manner to ensure your products are always as fresh as possible.

Make-up brushes can also host germs. Wash brushes weekly with regular hand soap, dry with a blow dryer. 

TIP: Store your skincare products in a cool dark place to keep them usable as long as possible. Use a Q-tip or tiny spatula rather than dipping your fingers into jars and bottles. Avoid touching your skin with the tips of droppers. 

Sometimes the simplest change can have the biggest impact on skin. Just a few minor changes in routine will have you glowing on thru the seasons! 

Christine Untiedt, CEO, 7 Day Glow llc


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