The Anti-Aging Regimen

 As co-owner and CEO of 7 Day Glow I have my hands in every aspect of product development. 

When we decided to expand the 7 Day Glow line one of our first goals was to greater address the unique needs of aging skin with natural ingredients that worked seamlessly with 7 Day Glow's original 3 piece system.

Why the change?

At 61 years old, I had begun to experience the same issues many of our older customers encounter such as fine lines around my mouth and eyes, age and sun spots, milia (tiny white dots) under my eyes, dark circles around my eyes, crow's feet, an overall duller complexion, and dryer skin overall (thanks to menopause!).

As CEO for 7 Day Glow, I pressed to add specific anti-aging products and also to add some water based options to what was a line originally intended to be only oil-based and only 3 pieces.

I wanted products that would give fast results, use "green" tech, and also to push the boundaries of our already successful botanical processing methods.

While I don't mind mixing the original 7 Day Glow pieces to create the perfect combination for my skin and I also enjoy face oils, I often found myself rushing through my regimen and wanting the ease of simply reaching for a completed product. I also missed my creams and cooling mist elixir!

At the same time, our founder, Alyssa Van Doorn, continues to be firmly committed to the original 7 Day Glow line. Keep in mind Alyssa is 25 years younger then me and lives a very different lifestyle than I as the mother of two rambunctious toddlers. She is super busy and finds the original 3 piece system is perfect for her lifestyle right now.

I am at an age where I can spend a little more time on my regimen and want to pamper and indulge myself a little more.

Before I share my personal skin care regimen I just want to say that the original (blue label) three piece 7 Day Glow system (click here to find it) is still the foundation of our line and if you prefer a simple regimen this is for you. I still use all of these products in my own regimen, as you'll see below.

This system is also ideal for most skin needs aged 25 to 45.


My 7 Day Glow Anti-Aging Regimen:

Scroll to the bottom of this page for links to all of the products mentioned in this blog.

TIP: Do not forget your neck! Apply all products all the way down to the collarbone. No matter how old you are you can make improvements if you start now with the correct products.


CLARIFY BHA Hydrating Oil Based Cleanser

I use this oil-based cleanser in the Fall and Winter to combat dry skin. If my skin is feeling oily or it's Summer and I'm sweating a bit more I use RECLAIM Radiance Cleanser AM and PM instead. CLARIFY Cleanser has the bonus of a little added Beta Hydroxy Acid that helps loosen up and slough away those pesky dead skin cells that tend to build up as we age, making it a great choice for use between exfoliating treatments.

HYDRATE Botanic Elixir

I mist HYDRATE Botanic Elixir all over my face, neck, and decolletage. (Close your eyes and don't forget to remove your glasses first!)

This product works as a transport system to help all the goodies in the serums, face oils, and moisturizers to sink in more deeply. Four types of Hyaluronic Acid help draw and hold moisture to your cells and support your skin mantle as well. I can definitely see a difference in the effectiveness of my serums with using Botanic Elixir.

ILLUMINATE Brightening Serum

This serum is loaded with "green tech" ingredients and a specialized botanical complex to support a lighter, brighter, more even overall skin tone. 

TIP: You will notice ILLUMINATE is a "loose" more watery type of serum, you only need a fine layer of this serum. Avoid the tendency to pile it on because it feels so good! You will be able to tell if you are using too much if you feel a bit of a rubbery mask-like feel to your skin or if you can rub it off once it dries.

Eye Cream for Day (Coming soon!)

Be sure to check back in a few weeks for this item. I'm very excited about the results I'm seeing in our testing!

DEFEND Fortifying Moisturizer

I reach for DEFEND Moisturizer for daytime use. This item was formulated specifically to protect and hydrate skin from daily exposure to touch, pollution, makeup, and more. It's a lighter cream moisturizer, making it great under makeup. This moisturizer makes use of an advanced active that will help keep skin moisturized for up to 72 hours with just one use!

INFUSE Face Oil with Collagen and Ceramides (If I feel like I'm experiencing extreme dryness I opt for RECOUP Face Oil.)

I press this on over my cheeks, neck, and forehead after applying DEFEND Moisturizer. INFUSE was designed to support the skin mantle with rebuilding collagen, ceramides, and stem cell extracts. All of this, combined with a nutrient rich botanical complex makes INFUSE perfect for supporting aging skin and battling fine lines and wrinkles.

TIP: For those of you who really dislike Face Oils - Try combining INFUSE with your moisturizer in the palm of your hand before applying - that is just fine.

You also could opt for just INFUSE Face Oil and skip moisturizer completely. Or you could apply INFUSE before your moisturizer. It's all good! 

Just DO NOT skip INFUSE Face Oil - this product is the best product out there for overall anti-aging. If you can only choose one product from our line - choose INFUSE!

Always finish your daytime routine with a high SPF natural sunscreen. I use Cocokind Daily SPF because it also helps with blue light exposure.



TIP: If you prefer to perform your PM regimen earlier in the evening wait to apply the eye oil until just before going to bed. 

RECLAIM Radiance Nourishing Cleanser

If I wore makeup that day I double cleanse by using CLARIFY BHA Cleansing Oil to first remove makeup, then follow with RECLAIM to deep clean.

RECLAIM Cleanser is a water based cleanser made with a unique tea collection to deep cleanse pores with naturally astringent botanicals and to soothe skin at the end of the day with ingredients like Aloe Vera Juice and Calendula/Chamomile Tea.

TIP: RECLAIM Radiance exits the bottle as a brown, kind of "odd" gel. Pump one pump into your hand and rub your hands together to activate the product. It may turn white on your hands, that is just fine. Then apply it to dry skin first - pay careful attention to problems spots such as around your nose. Wet your hands and continue to massage the cleanser onto your face. It may lightly foam with added water. That is fine too. Remove with a tepid, damp washcloth.

HYDRATE Botanic Elixir

Just like in the morning - mist over your face and neck. Two long sweeps of mist should be enough (you do not need to be dropping wet with this!)

LIGHTEN Dark Spot Control 

I apply directly onto my age spots and wait until this dries before proceeding to ensure the product is firmly over my age/sun spots. Personally, I experience redness and a little heat wherever I apply this product. That is the Vitamin C going to work and has never caused a problem for me. If you do not experience redness/heat no worries - we are all different. If you experience burning, itching or signs of allergy stop using and wash off.

ILLUMINATE Brightening Serum

You could skip ILLUMINATE Serum in the evening - I apply it because I like how it feels! Just a little extra pampering on my end...

INFUSE Face Oil with Collagen and Ceramides 

In the evening I apply INFUSE and then wait about 45 minutes before applying moisturizer to allow INFUSE to sink in fully. In the evening I opt for our super rich NURTURE moisturizer, which is so thick that INFUSE would have trouble soaking in if applied last. 

EYE Nightly Repair Serum - Apply right before bed.

EYE has become one of my favorite multi-tasking products. I pat just ONE drop under both eyes (as in one drop shared between both eyes) then I use another drop to go over the lids and am careful to cover my crow's feet area as well.

I take yet another drop to swipe over my eyebrows because these ingredients also help stimulate the hair growth of your eyebrows (mine have become woefully spare - no thanks to the 1970's skinny eyebrow craze). The oil also helps tame and soften the eyebrow hairs.

I finish with a drop swiped around my lips. The skin around your lips is thin and EYE Repair Serum can help with those fine lines we get around our lips as we age.

NURTURE Deep Nutrition Moisturizing Cream

Oh! Talk about pampering - I personally created this formula to address all the nutrients our skin needs in a super rich, thick, luscious cream that your skin will soak right up. I actually find it hard not to overuse this product because I love it so much!

TIP: You might choose to apply NURTURE Moisturizer 30 minutes before bed to allow it a little more time to sink in before hitting the pillow. That is fine. In that case avoid applying NURTURE Moisturizer under your eyes if you are also using EYE Nightly Repair Serum so that it does not block the path for the EYE Serum to sink in.



I exfoliate twice a week. This is a step that is very personalized. You may find once a week or three times a week works best for you!

OPEN Facial Steam Nourishing Botanicals

BOOST Resurfacing Treatment with AHA

I wash my face with RECLAIM Radiance Cleanser then I set up for a steam with a large bowl of steaming water. I cast a sprinkling of OPEN Steaming Botanicals over the water. The scent is sooo relaxing and the steam carries the botanical benefits to my skin.

Just before starting to steam I apply a thin layer of BOOST Resurfacing Treatment. Then I steam my face for 7 minutes. (Lean your face over the steaming water being careful it is not too hot, drape a towel over your shoulders and head to create a tent to trap steam around your face.)

The steam combined with BOOST helps open my pores more for a deep cleanse and to soften dead skin cells to help slough them off.

When finished wash your face and follow with your full skin care regimen (but skip LIGHTEN for a day).

TIP: If you find that your skin feels dry or "sandpaperish" after exfoliating that typically means you need to keep exfoliating - if this sounds like you, increase your exfoliation to every other day until all of the dead, dry skin cells have sloughed off. BUT if you experience burning, itching or any other signs of over-exfoliation or allergic reaction stop immediately. Use common sense - do not apply BOOST more than once in a 48 hour window.

SUNBURN ALERT - BOOST uses Alpha Hydroxy Acid as a key ingredient. This is a gentle exfoliator that dissolves build-up and dead skin cells. Freshly exfoliated skin can burn easily. Be sure to use Sunscreen for 48 hours after using BOOST. Also - wait at least a day after using BOOST to apply LIGHTEN Spot Control to avoid over-exfoliation due to the Vitamin C in LIGHTEN Spot Control. Spot test first to see how your skin responds to the two products. I find if I wait a day between BOOST and LIGHTEN I'm fine but we are all different! 

The DISCOVER 7 Day Glow Kit

If you'd like to try my anti-aging routine you can find most of the products mentioned above in the new DISCOVER 7 Day Glow Sample Kit. Click here to go to the DISCOVER 7 Day Glow Kit.


I highly recommend giving the DISCOVER 7 Day Glow Kit a try before diving in and purchasing an entire regimen from us. The DISCOVER 7 Day Glow Kit includes premium sample sizes that will give you at least a week's worth of use of most of the items I've included in my anti-aging regimen.

It also gives you a great opportunity to sample products side-by-side to determine which cleansers, moisturizers, and face oils you prefer (if you are like me you'll want to use all of them)!

As always, detailed product information and instructions can be found on our website at by clicking on the individual products for more information.

Don't want to sample everything? No problem! We will soon be releasing smaller collections for you to choose from. 

Christine Untiedt, 7 Day Glow CEO


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