12 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Self-Care for Spring

It's in the air - I can feel it. Spring is right around the corner!

The change of seasons is a great time to re-evaluate your self-care practices. What's working? What's not? Are you doing anything at all for self-care?

You only have so many minutes to spend on self-care each day, assess regularly to ensure your activities are effective. 

12 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Self-Care for Spring

1. Fill Your Home With Flowers - Bring the blooms indoors, buy that pretty grocery store bouquet or go all out and order yourself some flowers just to say, "I love you/myself."

2. Refresh Your Skincare Routine - It's time to rid your skin of winter build-up with extra exfoliation. Lighten up the heavy oils needed in Winter as rain brings much needed humidity.

3. Plan a Beauty Garden - Plan for plants that supplement your skincare routine such as chamomile, vitamin A rich vegetables, and relaxing lavender.

4. Add Walking to Your Routine - As nicer days begin to surface add some outdoor time to your exercise schedule, walk your dog, or just sit outside with a cup of coffee.

5. Do a Closet Clean-up, Sort Your Spring Clothes - Don't forget to pull out the Spring jackets!

6. Switch out Your Scents - Now's the time to switch to lighter florals and delicate rain scents.

7. Take Advantage of Spring Produce - Keep your eye out for cool weather Spring produce such as asparagus, carrots, and rhubarb. Google "Spring Recipes" and you'll be amazed at the selection of Spring produce centered recipes for free on the Internet.

8. Exfoliate - Spring is the time to prepare your skin for body exposing Summer styles. Exfoliating and following up with body oil or lotion will give you sexy smooth arms and legs to show off in shorts, dresses, and short sleeves.

9. Eat Outdoors - Keep an eye on the weather, when it allows have a meal outdoors.

10. Wash Your Car - Wash away the salt and grime of Winter. Polish up your car, inside and out.

11. Open the curtains to let in as much light as possible - Natural light will lift your spirits and brighten your home. Take advantage of longer days and pull your curtains open wide to allow in as much light as possible.

12. Visit the Farmer's Market/Visit lambs at a local farm - As weather permits, visit your local Farmer's Markets. Support your local growers and indulge in Spring delicacies, honey, organic meats, flowers, and more at your local farmer's market. Where we live in Northern Wisconsin, several area farms are briefly open to the public with the opportunity to view and visit the baby lambs and other animals. This is a great way to ring in Spring!

Too often we push our self-care to the bottom of our to-do list when really, self-care should be one of your top priorities. You cannot fully be present for your family, career, or community if you are exhausted and drained. 

So refill your cup, refuel your energy, and renew your soul! Schedule your self-care into your calendar, add it to your to-do list, proclaim it to your loved ones! 

Design your perfect year-round self-care lifestyle. Learn all the essentials, address what is holding you back, establish habit stacking routines to increase productivity and wellness every single day - all day, set boundaries to protect your self-care time, learn what to do when all else fails, and how to grow more in the future - it's all here, in the 7 Day Glow Self-Care Lifestyle workbook!



Happy Spring!

Christine Untiedt, CEO, 7 Day Glow LLC


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