Subscription Order Terms and Conditions

Thank you for ordering a subscription product at Brown Barn Botanicals! Due to issues with customers placing subscriptions during sales to gain additional discounts, we have found the need to institute some rules. Please read and accept before placing your order.

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all Subscription Orders at

1. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled before at least 1 subscription order has been fulfilled after the initial order has been fulfilled.

2. Our production is made to order for subscriptions, please allow 1 week notice on cancellations.

3. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled once the order ships. 

4. Subscriptions that are cancelled after the order is charged but before it ships will receive a service charge of $3.00 to cover refund charges from card processing and our time and materials for stopping an order in mid-fill.

5. Subscriptions placed during a sale do not lock in the sale price after the initial order. For example - if you order an item marked 10% off as a subscription item the 10% off will apply to your initial order but the product will be priced at full price in following orders.

6. Items that are on sale when the subscription renews will receive any current sale price via a refund to your billing card. No service charges will be made for the refund service. 

Please contact us at for further assistance.