The Secret to Glowing Perfection

The secret to gorgeous skin is exfoliating. Removing dead skin cells and debris clears the way for all of the wonderful nutrients in your other products to sink in deeply and work more effectively.

BOOST Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment with AHA is a liquid exfoliating treatment that supplements your other 7 Day Glow products.

It can be used alone or cocktailed with other products to "Boost" their performance.

Use BOOST sparingly! BOOST is a very strong exfoliator/spot treatment that uses natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids to gently dissolve and clear debris and dead skin cells. Start with just one use per week, leaving it on for only 7 minutes maximum - then slowly move up from there.

The biggest mistake customers make with BOOST is using it too often and too long right away because the first few uses clear away so much build-up - it feels great and they think "more" will yield even better results - this is not so. Once the debris is removed, fresh glowing skin is revealed. If you continue to go strong you will actually dry out your fresh, newly revealed glow.

Slow and steady truly wins the race with BOOST. Over time you will find you will need to use BOOST less and less as your skin will be in a steady state of "Glow".

Learn more in this 7 Day Glow video!

Alyssa Van Doorn
7 Day Glow | Founder & Formulator

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