Spot Treatments


      Our curated collection of products to help address the challenge of age spots/hyperpigmentation. All made in small batches at the Brown Barn Lab.

      We recommend a three prong attack for pesky problem spots.

      1. Wear an SPF30 or more sunscreen - Use this as your last step in your skincare routine (not as an add-in to your moisturizer). A good sunscreen lays on top of the skin to reflect UV so you want to choose a sunscreen to use separately from your moisturizers and serums as they serve different purposes. Even exposure to florescent lights can be enough to trigger discoloration so we recommend just making it a regular part of your daily routine.

      2. Treat with ingredients meant to lighten skin tones. Choose a targeted oil to help lighten skin tone. Dolia Angelica Echinacea Complex and 7 Day Glow's INFUSE Moisturizing Oil both contain great ingredients to even and brighten skin tone.

      3. Target exfoliate spots up to 3 times per week. Choose one spot treatment to target exfoliate. 7 Day Glow's BOOST is an exfoliating oil and Dolia's Spot Treatment is a light gel. Both are made with natural hydroxy acid to help slough dead and damaged cells and encourage new cell turn-over. Just dab onto the target area, leave on for a few minutes, and whisk away.

      COMMIT! One of the challenges of ages spots is that it can take time to see change. Many times we do not have the patience to stay the course which can hinder seeing real change.

      It takes six weeks or more to truly see change in your skin. If you consistently target your spots you will eventually see change. And if you consistently protect with sunscreen and a targeted serum or complex you will be able to keep new spots at bay.


      3 products

      3 products