70 Self-Care Suggestions

Stuck in a rut? Need help getting started?

Here are 70 self-care suggestions to get you going!

1. Wake up early and catch the sunrise.

2. Spend the day in your pajamas or sweats. Snuggle in!

3. Take a walk. Find somewhere you can walk in nature if possible - a park, wooded trail, along water.

4. Perform gentle stretching at home or grab a yoga class.

5. Make or purchase your favorite dessert.

6. Catch up on podcasts. Really strapped for time? Tune in for your favorite (not work related) podcast while driving!

7. Enjoy a long bath or shower - take time to exfoliate, use bath oils or bubble bath, a luxurious soap.

8. Light a candle. Indulge in candles with scents you love. Combine the candle with your bath or shower - dim the lights and relax!

9. Try a new hobby - sign up for a class, learn via YouTube, sign up for an online course.

10. Organize and de-clutter your home. Or just a closet or drawer. Invest in pretty containers, labels, whatever makes your heart sing.

11. Watch a movie at home or the movie theatre. 

12. Cook or order in your favorite meal - or take your bestie to your favorite restaurant.

13. Spend an hour reading blogs or online articles. Not into the computer? Buy a few favorite magazines and relax.

14. Buy yourself flowers or a new plant.

15. Explore - a museum, art gallery, shopping mall. 

16. Take in a concert or play.

17. Write a gratitude list or start a gratitude journal by writing down one thing you are grateful for every day.

18. Give yourself a mani-pedi or treat yourself to a professional service.

19. Visit a garden center, breathe in the scents and enjoy the colors. Touch the leaves. 

20. Volunteer. So many organizations need your help. A few hours will allow you to relax and experience something new while helping others.

21. Plan a get-away. You don't need to go soon, just make a plan. Explore places to travel to on your computer and plan a trip - day dream a little!

22. Indulge in a fancy coffee. Or try your hand at making one at home. Spoon University has some great recipes: https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/15-quick-and-easy-coffee-recipes-ready-in-less-than-15-minutes

23. Sit outside - just relax and enjoy the scents and sounds.

24. Create some DIY at home skincare items. 

25. Take a nap!

26. Go to the library or a bookstore. Relax and read!

27. Spend a warm evening star watching.

28. Visit a boutique grocery store - explore the sections that you normally do not shop. Try something new.

29. Take a drive. Just drive - no destination needed.

30. Sit on the beach or by a river. Relax and watch the water.

31. Put together several outfits from your wardrobe that makes you feel great. Accessorize the jewelry, shoes and handbags. Store the jewelry in a baggy and hang it over the hanger. Then wear these outfits next week!

32. Go on a picnic (even if its alone) or just eat outdoors. Sit on your deck to eat. Head to the park. Sit on a blanket. Or in a folding chair.

33. Sleep in late or go to bed early.

34. Spend time in a garden - yours, someone else's, a public garden, an arboretum. If nothing else, plan a garden!

35. Get a massage.

36. Take time to do your hair and makeup (or trim your beard and mustache).

37. Make a batch of infused water to sip on through the day. My favorite is a combination of lemon, cucumber and ginger.

38. Try a meditation tape or ask your Alexa device to play meditation music or a guided meditation.

39. Change your sheets (or just your pillowcases!)

40. Purchase a planner and start planning your days. Add selfcare activities daily.

41. Perform an at home facial or splurge on a professional service.

42. Have a dance party with yourself!

43. Invest in (and use) a weighted blanket.

44. Practice deep breathing. Use a breathing app as a form of meditation. 

45. Journal. 

46. Review your routine. Think through your daily routine to find places to tuck in daily selfcare mini-rituals like time for a cup of tea, a walk, skincare.

47. Window shop - or just browse online.

48. Clean out your purse (or wallet).

49. Create a selfcare or meditation corner or area in your home.

50. Clear and update your beauty, makeup, and selfcare products. Replace any past due items.

51. Reflect on any tasks that are left undone and weighing on your mind. Make a plan to complete them and stick to it.

52. Organize your finances. This does not sound much like self-care but it can be very powerful to rid yourself of the stress of being over-extended. Make a budget that works - and works well. That leaves you a little left over for you and your savings.

63. Meal plan - Plan a week of healthy eating.

64. Replace grime with shine. Clean your make-up brushes, hair brushes and combs, beard comb and brush, wipe off your makeup jars and personal containers. Clean your glasses. Wipe down mirrors and bathroom sinks, drawers, and countertops.

65. Organize your digital photos.

66. Play video games or solitaire.

67. Give yourself a foot massage.

68. Pray or talk to the Universe.

69. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and then download it onto the device that works best for you. Share it with a loved one!

70. Update your passwords to stay safe online.




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