Sunscreen, the Essential Last Step

Sunscreen is one of the most asked about products at 7 Day Glow. Although many of our products include ingredients to help protect against and address damage from sun exposure, we do not make sunscreen. We want our customers to use sunscreen that is effective and has been FDA approved, a process that we are not equipped to tackle at this time. 

Why is Sunscreen so important?

Exposure to sunlight is essential to our physical and mental health. The vitamin D derived from sun exposure is necessary for calcium absorption. It is believed vitamin D is also important in preventing skin imbalances including atopic dermatitis, acne, and rosacea. Even with all of the benefits of sun exposure we still must take care to not overdo it and to take steps to protect our skin from damage.

Sun protection is among the most overlooked skincare essential. We all know we need it but often skip sunscreen thinking just a few minutes outdoors can’t hurt. Sun damage is cumulative, a little time outdoors without sunscreen adds up over time. Knowing this, it can safely be said that sunscreen should be applied to all exposed areas of your body as part of your daily skincare routine year-round. Even on cloudy or cold days, the sun can reach your skin and cause damage.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays damage the skin elastin, causing a sagging appearance to skin. Excessive exposure can cause wrinkles and a leathery texture to skin as it builds up a thicker outer layer to protect against sun damage. Tanning, even from a tanning bed, causes melanocytes, or pigment-producing skin cells, to produce more dark pigment and they normally would. An overabundance of melanin can cause freckles and age spots. UV rays can alter, damage, and even destroy melanocyte DNA, in turn causing several types of skin cancer.

Choose the right Sunscreen:

Choose a natural full-spectrum sunscreen that will block out UVA and UVB rays. Titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are good ingredient choices as they work to prevent cellular damage by forming a physical barrier against harmful rays. These types of sunscreens will be a little harder to rub in than chemical based sunscreens however the benefits of not using irritating chemicals on your skin will outweigh the extra effort of application. Sunscreen should be applied daily and over any part of the body that is exposed to the sun.

Get FDA approved Sunscreen that lasts:

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires sunscreens to be tested and approved by them prior to being sold as a sunscreen. They also require that sunscreens maintain their original strength for a minimum of three years. Look for an expiration date on your sunscreen to ensure it is still effective. Also be sure to only use FDA approved sunscreens to ensure you are getting the protection you need.

When to Apply Sunscreen:

Sunscreen should be applied as the last step of your daily skin care routine, after moisturizer and face oil. It should be applied to all areas of the body that the sun can reach.

Adding a high quality, FDA approved sunscreen to your daily skincare routine is an investment that will pay off with long-term results in both the appearance and overall health of your skin. The next time you leave the house pay attention to what parts of your body are exposed to sunlight - and then remember that the next time you apply sunscreen!

A Google search will give lots of options if you use "Best all natural Sunscreen" as your search. 

Christine Untiedt
CEO, 7 Day Glow

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(Updated 5/22/24)




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    Love your products and advice. Keep up the great work!!! I hope that eventually we will be able to get a sunscreen from your company! Best wishes for continued success and on the soon to be new arrival!!

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