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While there is no disputing the powerful effect well made nontoxic skin care products can have on skin health, we often overlook the lasting and profound effects of positive eating and healthy life choices for long-term beauty.


Diet, sleep, movement…it all adds up to a potent beauty cocktail that has a major effect on our skin’s regenerative process. Any combination of these factors can make the difference between beautifully glowing skin or skin that is tired and dull.

The turning of the seasons makes a great time to establish a new skin-pampering habit. Give your skin a major reset with these simple habits.

Hydrating – Inside and Out

Keeping up with your daily water intake is essential to a vibrant glow. It is no secret that drinking lots of water keeps skin fresh and firm. Add fruit and vegetable slices to your water for an extra boost.

Start your day with a warm water Lemon Super Cocktail. Lemon is rich in vitamin C to help fight acne and detoxify. Drink a glass of warm water with the juice of up to 1/2 organic lemon before eating breakfast. Add a slice of peeled Ginger to support digestion, support skin elasticity, and help prevent free radical damage.

Skip the afternoon caffeine boost and opt for a potent Turmeric Latte instead. Turmeric fights inflammation and boosts anti-oxidants to fight aging. Not sure how to proceed? Just Google “Turmeric Latte Recipe” to find a gazillion recipe choices.

If you are not into Turmeric opt for Green Tea or Matcha Tea. One recipe I especially like is an iced tea made with 2 bags of organic green tea, frozen raspberries, and a slice of ginger. Simply steep 2 tea bags in warm water, then add frozen raspberries to taste, a few leaves of fresh Peppermint, and a slice or two peeled Ginger. Allow to cool. Sweeten with Stevia, add more water if the tea is too strong for your tastes. This recipe takes a few tries to get exactly right but once you start drinking this you will be hooked!

A Glowing Diet

7 Day Glow's fine lines of face oils, moisturizers, body oils, and lotions are absolutely packed with nutrient rich plant extracts full of potent vitamins and minerals. But skin care does not end with what you put on your skin. A balanced, nutrient rich diet is essential to healthy, glowing skin.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are essential to a healthy skin barrier. Our skin does not produce these fatty acids on its own – we need to supplement with the food we eat. Adding foods such as olive oil, salmon, and avocados help to plump skin and support overall hydration.

Incorporate zinc into your diet with pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and blueberries to help fight inflammation.

Opt for orange, yellow, and red fruits and vegetables whenever possible for a Beta Carotene super glow booster. Our bodies process these plant pigments into vitamin A, which works as a powerful antioxidant to help battle skin damaging free radicals. As an added boost, Beta Carotene also helps fight sun damage!


Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting plenty of quality sleep is essential to skin and overall health. Cell regeneration and turnover can increase as much as three times while sleeping.
Disrupted sleep or lack of sleep works the opposite, spiking cortisol, the stress hormone. This disruption can trigger inflammation – which shows up directly on the face in the form of breakouts and inflammatory skin issues.

Practices such as meditation, removing electronics from the bedroom, and aromatherapy can help support a restful night of sleep.

Opt for quality bedding. Nontoxic bedding is a must! Choose organic cotton sheets as cotton is one of the most chemically treated crops. Toxins may remain in finished products and may actually be absorbed into our skin as we sleep.

Remove electronics from your bedroom. Blue light from your phone suppresses your body’s ability to produce melatonin, disrupting your body’s natural sleep cycle. Opt for an alarm clock instead of relying on your phone to wake up in the morning.


Glowing Zen

Stay motivated and check in with yourself daily using yoga or meditation. Take a class at a local studio or use a home yoga flow to keep your progress on a healthy track.

A daily yoga session can dramatically support and rejuvenate skin by flushing toxins from the body, regulating digestion, and supporting blood circulation.

Stress is a major beauty buster – mindful movement and meditation help relax and reduce stress.

In the end, healthy is beautiful – healthy skin, diet, exercise, meditation, sleep, getting plenty of liquids – it really all adds up to a healthy lifestyle. Skin care products can only take you so far. Its up to you to stay the course to achieve a truly beautiful glow – inside and out.

Christine Untiedt, 7 Day Glow

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