Lesson 1: Your Unique Skin Profile

Welcome to the first lesson of your 7 Day Glow Skin Care course. I am so excited you are here!

You may be saying to yourself, "I've got this - I already know my skin type." At 7 Day Glow we do not use conventional "Skin Types" because we know every single person is unique.

Skin Care is not a one size fits all endeavor. Your skin profile reflects all of the elements affecting your skin and changes when you change.

In this lesson we are going to determine your 7 day Glow skin profile based on your unique biology, environment, and lifestyle.

I know you are busy - but please do not skip this important lesson.

Identifying your 7 Day Glow skin profile is crucial to success. It only takes a few minutes to view this lesson and our future recommendations will be based on your 7 Day Glow Skin Profile.

Click the links at the bottom of this page to take the 7 Day Glow Skin Care Quiz and read more about the individual skin types.

Let's get started!

Alyssa Van Doorn
7 Day Glow Founder/Formulator

Next Step:
  1. Complete the skin profile quiz by scrolling down and then clicking on the "Take the Quiz" button.
  2. Get both downloads, "7 Day Glow Skin Profiles Overview" and "Your 7 Day Glow Skin Profile Protocols". These are important resources to keep for future references and include the basic day-to-day regimen we recommend for each skin profile type.
  3. Go to the next lesson.
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Lesson 2
What's Your Skin Profile?
Your 7 Day Glow Skin Profile
7 Day Glow Skin Profiles Overview

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