Brown Barn to 7 Day Glow Merger

I am excited to announce the decision to merge Brown Barn Botanicals with 7 Day Glow. 
7 Day Glow was founded in 2018 by Brown Barn's lead formulator (and my daughter), Alyssa Van Doorn. 7 Day Glow is owned by myself, Alyssa Van Doorn, and my husband, Steve Untiedt.
With this merger 7 Day Glow will adopt Brown Barn's vertically integrated, farm based, natural skin care approach along with an expanded facial selection of naturally formulated water based and oil based facial formulations.
All current Brown Barn facial products will undergo review and updating for greater effectiveness as they are moved to the 7 Day Glow line.
Why Merge?
With its professional branding, 7 Day Glow has a more universal appeal with a strong look and branding message that will allow us to better stand out in the very competitive skin care sector as we head into the wholesale marketplace.
We are family owned and family run. Since September 2021 Alyssa has not been able to take on more than a consulting role in our companies as her son's health needs following cancer treatment and two liver transplants have been so great. We anticipate she will continue in a consulting role for the next several years to ensure her son continues to successfully recover.
Combining the two businesses under one brand name and focusing primarily on facial products will allow us to grow and continue to deliver the high quality of customer support, education, product development, and quality our customers expect. This decision also allows us to develop wholesale partnerships with boutiques and spas that match our commitment to fine skin care.
What changes will result from the merger?
We will move to producing almost entirely facial skin care products. 7 Day Glow products will be available to select wholesale partners once transition to 7 Day Glow is complete. 
The entire Brown Barn Botanicals line has been upgraded and changed. The result will be a much closer reflection of the 100% natural skin care line we envisioned from the beginning for Brown Barn. 
CHEAT SHEET for our Brown Barn customers - These new 7 Day Glow products replace their Brown Barn counterpart…
RECLAIM Radiance Cleanser - replaces Brown Barn Willow & Iris Gentle Purifying Cleanser.
CLARIFY BHA Cleanser - is a stand-alone cleanser but also replaces Brown Barn Pre Cleanse.
HYDRATE Botanic Elixir - replaces Brown Barn Botanic Elixir.
ILLUMINATE Serum and LIGHTEN Spot Treatment (coming in a few weeks) - replaces Brown Barn Cranberry Honey Serum and Angelica Echinacea Complex.
EYE Nightly Repair Serum - replaces Brown Barn Jasmine Rose Eye Roller and Sea Buckthorn Eye Serum. (A coordinating water-based eye cream for daytime use is in the works to launch in a few months.)
INFUSE Retinoic Face Oil with Collagen and Ceramides - our premier, first choice anti-aging Face Oil. If you use no other product, use this! Replaces Brown Barn Raspberry Rose Serum.
RECOUP Revitalizing Face Oil - A botanical based face oil to help repair a damaged skin barrier or for those with sensitive skin who cannot use most other products. Replaces Brown Barn Recovery Face Oil and Restore Face Oil.
NURTURE Facial Moisturizer - replaces Brown Barn Primrose & Oak Daily Defense Moisturizer.
OPEN Nourishing Facial Steam Botanicals - replaces Brown Barn Steaming Herbs.
LUMINOUS Body Oil, Body Lotion, and Body Scrub - replaces ALL Brown Barn bath & body products.
Please note: More facial items including toners, an exfoliating cleanser, and more masks will be released once the above are all in place. We have stopped selling bar soap, lotion bars, and any other body products not listed above.
Thank you for your steadfast support of our business—we are truly grateful.
Christine Untiedt
Brown Barn Botanicals 

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