Your Skin Profile

Your Skin Profile

Do you ever feel like your skin just does not fit into the profile types big brand beauty sorts our skin into? One week it's oily - the next week it's dry. One week it's radiant, the next week patchy. When I created 7 Day Glow, I also designed a new way to profile skin. One that takes into consideration ALL of the elements that affect our skin. In this podcast I’m talking about the 7 Day Glow skin profiles and how they can help you better understand your skin. 

We’ve all heard the basics of “skin type” – normal, combination, sensitive – they have been drilled into women for decades. These types may work for a cursory overview of skin however they fail to take into consideration all the elements that affect our skin beyond basic genetics. 

Our skin is affected by where we live, what we eat, how much time we spend outdoors, pollution, how much exercise we get, our age, our genetics and more. And our skin changes from week to week and month to month - sometimes it seems it can change day to day!

We need to think about our skin needs in ways that encompass all the elements that affect our skin including:

Age and Aging – Are you young and blemish free, aging and beginning to see fine lines, or aged with wrinkles and life spots? 

Your Environment – Is your climate temperate or does it have extreme seasonal changes? Do you live in a location with a lot of smog or air pollution? Do you spend more time indoors or outside? 

Your Genetics – Did you inherit your mother’s sensitive skin? Or your father’s freckles? 

Your Lifestyle – Do you smoke? Exercise daily? Do you have small children who touch your face often? Do you eat a lot of dairy? 

Your skin profile will dictate the types of products you purchase, how they are applied, and your skin care habits. 

Decisions regarding foods, drink, and habits all should be made with the impact on skin in mind. 

For 7 Day Glow, instead of skin types, I have devised four skin "profiles". There are some similarities between the 7 Day Glow skin profiles and traditional skin "types" but this new approach takes into consideration other outside factors that affect skin.

7 Day Glow skin profiles do not lump skin into simple, one-size-fits-all skin "types". Instead, they take into consideration the elements that affect your skin - your biology, environment, stress, lifestyle and more.

There are four skin profile types:

Activated Skin Profile. The most common skin profile, activated skin is generally balanced skin that does not need much extra moisturizing or it may be combination skin with an oily "T-zone". People with this skin profile usually experience little issues and when they do, the issues are resolved fairly quickly. They tend to have little to no wrinkles or signs of aging relative to their age. The Activated Skin Profile may experience minor break-outs due to stress or environmental pollution.

Dynamic Skin Profile. Dynamic Skin tends to have oily or shiny skin that is prone to hormonal outbreaks and large pores. People with Dynamic skin often live in a seasonal climate with full Winter sun. Those with a Dynamic Skin Profile may find their skin becomes dry or sensitive after menopause.

Excited Skin Profile. The most active skin profile, people with the Excited Skin Profile may suffer from stress related break-outs, periods of bumps or facial dryness, skin conditions such as Rosacea or Eczema, or even hives. People with the Excited Skin Profile may work long hours indoors, without spending much time outdoors. They may live in an urban environment or be exposed to air pollution. Some people with the Excited Skin Profile may have a stressful lifestyle.

Serene Skin Profile. A fairly stable to dry skin type, Serene skin may have fine lines, wrinkles or age spots. Serene skin may also exhibit broken capillaries. People with Serene skin may live in a warm, dry climate or spend a lot of time in a dry indoor climate. They typically live a relatively calm lifestyle.

I have developed a skin profile quiz you can take to find your skin profile. The results from your quiz take you to a page that gives tips for skin care based on your profile results.

There is a link to the quiz in today’s show notes posted below. There is also a free download with all the information for today’s topic on the 7 Day Glow homepage. Just sign up to download the guide and a link to the quiz is included in it.

And we know your skin changes regularly. For this reason, we recommend taking our Skin Profile Quiz whenever you notice a change in your skin to see if your profile type has changed.

Thank you so much for tuning in for today’s short, but important podcast. Once you understand your skin profile, you can begin to identify how best to support your skin health through seasonal and hormonal changes.