Your 7 Day Glow Skin Profile


At 7 Day Glow we do not lump skin into simple, one-size-fits-all skin "types". Instead, we think about the elements that affect skin - your biology, environment, stress, and more.

7 Day Glow Skin Profiles are determined by a combination of where you live, your lifestyle, age, personal biology, and inherited traits. You may find that you do not fit 100% in any single Skin Profile. That's normal, we are all different and our skin transitions between profiles with changes in our body, environment, and lifestyle.

How you use 7 Day Glow products will change as your Skin Profile changes. Your skin profile may change with the seasons, week of the month, or never! 

Choose the profile that best fits where you are right now and start there. As your life changes you may find your Skin Profile (and skin needs) change as well. Make changes in how you use your 7 Day Glow products to coincide with your changing skin care needs.

For more information on how to best use 7 Day Glow products at any given time be sure to view the 7 Day Glow skin care course videos.

Not sure which profile best fits you? Take the 7 Day Glow Skin Care profile quiz!  

Skin Profile: Serene

Tends to be dry or have dry patches May have some age spots, fine lines, or wrinkles May have broken capillaries on face. Lives in a dry climate or spends a lot of time indoors in a dry environment. May be windy where you live. Typically lives in arid or southern climates or combination skin types may find they are "Serene" in the winter in Northern climates. Lives a generally calm, low-stress lifestyle.

Skin Profile: Dynamic

Tends to have Oily/Shiny Skin. Prone to hormonal outbreaks and large pores. May suffer from boils or cysts. Lives in a seasonal climate with full Winter sun. Post Menopause Skin is drier but more sensitive. Can appear in any age group. Reacts evenly to stress.

Skin Profile: Activated

This skin type does not need much moisturizing, may be considered "normal" skin or combination skin with just a bit of extra oil in the "T" zone of forehead, nose, and chin. Tends to have little to no wrinkles or age spots. Reacts fairly evenly to stress. Hormonal changes may cause minor break-outs. May be sensitive to environmental pollution.

Skin Profile: Excited

Suffers from stress related skin break-outs. May experience periods of bumps and/or dryness on face. Suffers from rashes or hives. May have Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema, or Allergies. Works many hours and does not spend much, if any, time out of doors. May spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. May live in an urban environment and spend a lot of time indoors. Is exposed to environmental pollution. May have a stressful lifestyle.

Still not sure which profile best fits you? Take the 7 Day Glow Skin Care profile quiz! 



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