7 Day Glow Hydrating Winter Skincare Protocol

Winter can be especially challenging when it comes to skincare. Lower humidity, indoor heating, cold wind - it all takes a toll.

Living in northern Wisconsin, I especially enjoy outdoor Winter sports and ice fishing so my skin can take a real beating in Winter. I find my skin gets drier beginning as early as October. With this, I notice fine lines are more prominent and overall dryness appears.

The first steps I take in Fall are to turn on my in-home humidifier and drink more water throughout the day. Well hydrated skin begins with a well hydrated body and environment.

I also have a few tricks in my 7 Day Glow toolbox to help battle Winter dryness. Below is my personal Winter dryness skin care protocol:

1. I use Clarify BHA Hydrating Cleanser morning and night. I double cleanse to remove makeup in the evening. The light oils and salicylic acid in Clarify keep my pores clear without drying my skin. (Not sure about Double Cleansing? Be sure to review your 7 Day Glow online skincare videos for a tutorial on double cleansing.) 

Instead of wiping away Clarify BHA Hydrating Cleanser I opt to lightly rinse it off. Rinsing leaves more of Clarify's nourishing oils behind rather than wiping away the entire cleanser, oils and all, with a cloth. 

TIP: After rinsing Clarify Hydrating Cleanser from your face DO NOT dry your face, immediately follow with Infuse Retinoic Moisturizer. The oils in the moisturizer trap the remaining water to your face and provide even more hydration for your skin.

2. As soon as I notice changes in my skin I increase my use of INFUSE Retinoic Moisturizer. I pat on Infuse morning and night to fight dryness and wrinkles. I pay extra attention to underneath my eyes, my cheeks, and my forehead because that’s where I see lines and have driest skin.

INFUSE is built with oils that are meant to sink in quickly and deeply. It will not leave your skin feeling oily like many facial oils. For this reason, we sometimes hear from customers that their skin is feeling dryer than expected after using INFUSE. No worries! This just means your skin is drinking in all the amazing ingredients in this moisturizing oil.

3. If you feel applying INFUSE morning and night is just not quite enough try making a facial mist that you can add to your routine anytime you feel like a little extra is needed. 

To make the mist: mix a few ounces of distilled water with a few drops of INFUSE Retinoic Moisturizer. Pour into a small spray bottle. I recommend very small two to three ounce bottles. Only mix a few ounces of facial mist at a time as a little goes a very long way. Shake well before each use. Mist your face throughout the day, as needed. Store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

You can use this method right over your make-up (it actually helps set make-up). This is also a wonderful treatment for those with dry scalp, mist along part-line.

4. Even though I'm in my 30's I still have frustrating bouts of hormonal break-outs. If I’m having breakouts, I break out Boost Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment!

I use Boost like a spot treatment and apply directly to the affected area, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse away.

Or for an all day treatment, I’ll mix a drop or two of Boost with Infuse Retinoic Moisturizer and apply to spots. That way I can just apply the mixture under my makeup and not have to think about it.

TIP: Be sure to spot test your mix before leaving it on for a full day to ensure it is not too strong for your skin type.

It’s important to space out use of AHA products because they can dry your face out and actually make it rougher if used too much. If you have not exfoliated in a long time your skin may actually feel rougher after using BOOST for the first time in awhile - don't stress, this is just those dead skin cells sloughing off. They will break away as you wash your face and your skin should be glowing in no time.

Many 7 Day Glow customers are attracted to 7 Day Glow's easy three part system because they want to simplify their lives and reduce the amount of products they are using. 

The key to success with 7 Day Glow is to become intimate with your skin and its needs. You can only really know your skin if you work with the products and take regular, daily care of yourself. Yes - simplify your life but not at the expense of your skin health. Note what works for you, jot down or save our seasonal tips. Experiment! Before long you'll have your 7 Day Glow locked in 24/7.

If you've not had a chance to try 7 Day Glow yet I highly recommend starting with the 7 Day Glow Sampler Set. For a limited time, every full sized set and sample set or pocket set purchase at 7 Day Glow includes Free enrollment in our online 7 Day Glow skincare course. This course teaches everything you need to know to get started with your new products. 

Alyssa Van Doorn, 7 Day Glow Founder/Formulator


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