Self-Care Excuses and Why We Need Self-Care Right Now

Self-Care Excuses. All the reasons we are not practicing self-care and why we need it right now.
I know I need self-care to be at my best, but I come up with every excuse under the sun not to practice my self-care. If this sounds like you, then this is an episode you won't want to miss.
In this 7 Day Glow podcast episode I share my own self-care journey (hint - it's full of excuses for not practicing self-care) and how I finally came to realize self-care is essential. Learn all the reasons self-care is a daily must.
Episode Summary:

With a successful business I felt I just could not spare the time for self care.

With two children and a husband to care for I could not spare the time for self care.

With a career and family I could not spare the time for self care.

With a home to clean, meals to make, a garden to tend, employees to respond to - I could not find the time for self care.

See where I’m headed? I had every excuse under the sun for not making time for my self care.

Fleeting thoughts entered whenever I began practicing self-care …

"Self-care is selfish."

"Self-care is indulgent."

"Self-care is narcissistic."

I made every excuse.

I could not justify self-care for myself yet I was preaching self-care in my social media and blogs.

It just did not add up. Underneath it all, I had tiny negative thoughts flit in and out of my mind. Where did these thoughts come from? 

I needed to dig deep to better understand myself and gain clarity on what was holding up my personal self-care.

Over the years I've identified that my guilty self-talk was coming from being raised by extremely hard-working, selfless women from generations before me. Women who sacrificed their self-care to give their all to their families and our family farm. 

I could not have asked for more wonderful role models in every area of my life except perhaps one - my self-care.

To combat negative self-talk I developed a few mantras to help me banish these thoughts as soon as they show up.

Some of my favorites:

"Self-Care is not selfish."

"You are getting older and need to take good care of yourself."

"Self-care is a healthy choice."

Do guilty feelings and negative self-talk enter when you start thinking about your self-care? 
Plan for negative self-care thoughts with a personal mantra. 

Your assignment:

Identify negative self-talk that stops you from practicing your self-care and develop at least one mantra to combat your negative thoughts. Then print that mantra out and post it where you will see it every day. Practice your positive self-talk so it works on auto-pilot when negativity creeps in.




Christine Untiedt

7 Day Glow Self-Care Mentor


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