Getting Your Best 7 Day Glow

Quality skin care products can be an investment that pays off or falls flat. Get the most from your 7 Day Glow products with these tips.

  • Apply CLARIFY BHA Hydrating Cleanser to dry skin. Apply with dry hands to a dry face. Massage over face and neck for several minutes. This will activate CLARIFY’s amazing ingredients and result in the deepest cleanse. Rinse with warm water, pat dry. Clarify is made with nutrient rich oils, allow some time for these oils to sink in before applying make-up or wiping off.
  • Mixing products is the most ideal way to dial in 7 Day Glow products for your skin’s unique needs. Our favorite pairing is blending Boost Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment with Clarify BHA Hydrating Cleanser for an exfoliating cleanse. Just blend in the palm of your hand, massage onto dry skin and wait up to 5 minutes before rinsing.
  • The best results come from consistent use. Pair your skin care regimen with another activity to ensure you are not skipping treatments. We suggest pairing with brushing your teeth to ensure you address your skin care needs at least twice a day.
  • Steam your face before apply BOOST Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment. Or apply BOOST right after a shower while the bathroom is still steamy. Steam opens pores, softens skin, and helps prepare your skin to fully absorb all of the wonderful ingredients in 7 Day Glow’s products. BOOST is a very potent formula, use only as needed.

Would you like more skin care tips? When purchasing 7 Day Glow products you receive supporting videos filled with tips for pairing products and application. When purchasing, be sure to view these free videos to get the most from your investment, and do not hesitate to contact us with questions.



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