Understanding Oil Based Skin Care

Face OilOur skin is an essential organ that not only works around the clock but plays a critical role in how we look and feel. Skin depends on a healthy natural oil balance to stay vibrant. Early in life our skin maintains a healthy lipid barrier by producing oil on its own. This barrier locks in moisture and helps prevent dehydration. As we age, our skin produces less oil on its own and needs added oil to continue to maintain a healthy, youthful glow.

Added skin care oils are not just for certain skin types. Often those with oily or blemished complexions avoid face and body oils out of fear added oil will further block pores or result in a greasy complexion. This fear is unfounded. Well formulated oil based skin care products help dissolve debris and unwanted oils, they also support a healthy pH and can help correct oil balance for a glowing, luminous complexion.

Delicate and gentle oils are an essential part of effective, high quality skin care products. They gently cleanse, nourish, and moisturize while maintaining a proper oil balance that supports skin’s battle against aging and environmental damage.

Because they are made without harsh sulfates, synthetic chemicals, and emulsifiers, all natural oil based skin care products provide a beautiful and gentle regimen that leaves skin healthy and beautifully glowing.


Using an oil based cleanser can be a truly sensory experience. Gently massaging oil cleanser onto our dry skin and then adding a small splash of water for a second massage will loosen debris and unwanted excess oil while bringing a moment of blissful relaxation.

7 Day Glow’s CLARIFY oil based cleanser uses a soothing blend of biocompatible oils and complex natural actives to gently dissolve pollution, make-up, and impurities while leaving skin’s essential lipid barrier intact. A botanical infusion of carefully selected astringent and anti-bacterial phytonutrients supports natural cleansing without being harsh or overly drying.


Face oil is akin to delivering a super vitamin to our skin. Made without added emulsifying wax that tends to lay on top of our skin, a quality face oil will sink in quickly and deeply, leaving skin nourished and glowing.

7 Day Glow’s INFUSE Retinoic Moisturizer is a highly concentrated, serum-like face oil made with a blend of phyto-nutrients, vitamins, amino-acids, minerals and anti-oxidants. Its delicate oil blend works in tandem with a rich anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant botanical infusion to transform and nourish for a radiant complexion.

Biocompatible nutrients restore balance while collagen, elastin, and ceramides support our skin’s natural structure and protective barriers. INFUSE makes use of added actives and stem cell extracts of apple and argan seed to enhance our skin’s cellular metabolism.

Think of INFUSE like a moisturizing skin care super vitamin that sinks in deeply and finishes like velvet.


As we age our skin must work harder to slough off build up and dead skin cells. Make-up and environmental pollution can create a fine layer of debris on skin that cleansing alone may not clear. Exfoliating regularly is essential to pave the way for all of the wonderful vitamins and actives moisturizing oils provide.

7 Day Glow’s BOOST Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment is a high-performance oil based exfoliator that removes dull, dry surface cells and build-up from our skin. It is not harsh like abrasion exfoliators - instead, it makes use of oils and alpha hydroxy acids to gently dissolve excess oil and build-up. Skin is left with a refined texture and revitalized appearance. An added potent botanic infusion of hydrating seed oils leaves skin moisturized and nourished, finishing with a radiant glow.