Talking Beautiful: How I Got My Glow Back



Do you feel like maybe you’ve lost your Glow?

Are you tired, not really paying attention to your daily self care like you know you should or maybe you are just too busy to find time for it?

Do you have that dragged out feeling? Has your Glow dimmed?

Well I totally understand- and I’ve been there.

My Glow Story

I was a frustrated natural skincare formulator searching for the formula to perfect skin. I’d been dealing with acne since my early twenties and now I was finding fine lines and age spots too! I really wanted to get my glow back.

I tried every kind of product. I was spending a lot of time and money on huge 10 piece systems that I couldn’t keep up with and was worried were actually exhausting my skin with harsh ingredients.

I was fed up with these big, time consuming traditional skincare systems. There had to be a better way.

I needed something that would change with my lifestyle and hormones -day to day- a few pieces that would combine in different ways to address different problems without breaking the bank or sucking up all my time. But these pieces needed to have a wide variety of ingredients between them so my skin would get all the nutrients it needed.

I stopped looking at my skin as a skincare formulator, and started using my degree in Biology to discover what my skin truly needed. I threw out ALL my skincare products and started over!

The more I studied and researched the more excited I got - I had the big “AHA” that my Glow was not just about what was happening on the surface of my skin, which was seriously changing every single day! 

By looking at my skin as part of a larger system, I discovered that my hormones, the weather, my stress level, how much computer time I was using, what I ate, whether I got enough water, AND if my skin was getting enough nutrients ALL played a part in my Glow. 

I was formulating natural skincare for my family’s business, where we infused our products with flowers, herbs and roots grown on our family farm in Wisconsin. One of the most popular products was our face oils.

So I decided to step away from all the products the beauty industry was pushing and go simple - I wanted to see what would happen if I just used just a well made oil on my face and washed with water.

I also turned to my background as a Clinical Aromatherapist and created a calming essential oil blend that would help keep my stress level down as well.

After a few months my acne problem was almost gone and I was just left dealing with some minor break-outs at certain times of the month as part of my body’s natural hormonal changes.

A Three Piece System 

However I still wanted a powerful and proven treatment for my fine lines and sun spots. I needed to find a way to wash my face that wouldn’t strip off all the great ingredients my face oil was delivering. 

I turned to my connections with top green labs to source specialty natural ingredients that would fight the signs of aging such as natural collagen, ceramides, and hydroxy acids. 

This bumped up my oil blend into a wrinkle fighting, acne battling, age defying warrior. I named this oil INFUSE because it fed my skin so many healthy ingredients.

I added two more products to cleanse and exfoliate. Now with 3 products I was able to get what before what I needed 10 products to do!

I decided to name the system “7 Day Glow” because I was literally glowing 7 Days a Week!

I now had a complete skin care program in 3 simple pieces. My bathroom cabinets are no longer stuffed with bulky 10 piece systems. I have confidence knowing that what I am putting on my skin is healthy and feeding my Glow.  Life is simpler, I feel more confident, and I’ve got my “me time” back to spend with my husband and new baby.

When all is said and done I was able to create something I could share with others to help them get their Glow back too.

Now you might think this is the end of my story - but it’s not.

In the process of creating my own skincare brand I have discovered MANY things - about the skincare industry as a whole, how your lifestyle affects your Glow, and that we really only need three things for great skin.

I’ve come across some easy and fun hacks to make keeping my life simple and glowing easier. And so much more. 

In the 7 Day Glow Podcast I’ll be covering all of the many topics that affect your Glow, what you can do about them, and diving deep into skincare topics we all wonder about.

Defining "Beautiful"

To end today’s podcast I just want to take a few minutes to talk about a word that is power packed. It is something we all long for and want to have - the word is “Beautiful.”

What is beautiful? What does the word “Beautiful” mean to you?

A few years ago, when I decided to create a business from 7 Day Glow we conducted market research. We met with focus groups of women in a wide range of ages, locations, and backgrounds.

One of the questions we asked the focus groups was “Can You Define Beautiful?”

An interesting trend emerged - the answer was almost identical across all of the focus groups. 

They all agreed “Beautiful” was defined as someone who had this special “something”. That beautiful didn’t necessarily mean perfectly proportioned, slender, or having physically beautiful attributes. Instead they defined “beautiful” as someone who was vibrant, luminous, who glowed from within.

They agreed that beautiful included self-confidence, health, and was obviously someone who took care of themselves and cared at least a little about their appearance because they had this pulled together look - not harried and exhausted looking.

As I listened to these women share the same viewpoint over and over it hit me that this is a HUGE challenge for so many of us - me included.

So often we find ourselves rushing from thing to thing and in the course of just living life we lose the “me time” that is absolutely required to get that luminous, vibrant Glow that boosts our self-confidence and energy.

The 7 Day Glow podcast is dedicated to helping get and keep your Glow through all kinds of life challenges. 

I invite you to tune in every Thursday for a fresh 7 Day Glow Podcast!


I'm Alyssa Van Doorn.

I am the natural skincare formulator, biologist, certified clinical aromatherapist, and obsessed self-care advocate who founded 7 Day Glow's holistic, simple skincare approach. I'm on a mission to empower women with the tools they need to find and maintain their Glow simply and with confidence.


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